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 Shannon Shepard


My name is Shannon Shepard and I'm a portrait & fine art photographer in Clayton, NC, serving the central North Carolina area. I specialize in portrait photography, ranging from session work to business headshots, gallery art, and magazine spreads. I have been published in five Children's fashion magazines:

         Young Fashion Kids Magazine, Sep 2015

         Surreal Beauty Magazine Jr., Oct 2015

         Big City Kids Magazine, Feb 2016

         Big City Kids Magazine, Mar 2016

         Model Life Magazine, Jan 2017

I've also been published in Vogue Italia. I love creating fine art images. I want my photos to have a meaning and story, and provoke thought & conversation. I have been featured in two galleries:

         Gallery of Hope - Vero Beach, FL

         Gallery 221 - Little Rock, AR

Now, a little about me. I'm a runner. I have run multiple 5 and 10Ks, and I've completed three half marathons. I also love to decorate and refinish old furniture.

If there is anything that I can help you with or that you would like to know, feel free to message me.

Thank you!

Shannon Shepard

The Story Behind the Name...

Sometimes you go through life knowing that certain things interest you. If you don't experiment and cultivate those interests, you will never find the things you truly love. That was my relationship with photography. My entire life, I've enjoyed taking pictures, but it was never anything more than a passing interest. It was only after I started experimenting that I realized I had a love for photography.

When I first started, I pinned two airline blankets (that they give you on flights) to the wall, and used that as my background. I joked that it was my makeshift studio. With this setup, I took pictures of family and friends. The name stuck. Since then I have attended the New York Institute of Photography, numerous classes, and professional workshops. I look back knowing that I've come a long way--and still have a long way to go. It has taken me years to find what I truly enjoy, and I have found that in photography. For me, it always goes back to my makeshift studio. :)


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